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Mis à jour : 3 juin 2020

JDA WMS 2019 - During COVID 19 crisis

Ending 2019, in Barcelona started the analysis phase for an important book editor. All the activities were advancing accorded to the project plan until the COVID19 was arrived. Unfortunately for all the world this was a crisis that prejudiced all the industry. For our project we immediately started to adopt new measures for save the project and avoid being the less possible impacted.

As we already had configured the WMS instance, we decided to focus into the test phase remotely in co-work with the client team, making sure all the configuration was accord to the deign and also as this implementation was planned to be integrated with Vocollect voice, we made all the configurations and tests as well.

The organization and all the disposition of the team was very important for make some progress and complete all the tasks we planned while the on-site work was forbidden.

JDA WMS 9.1 - Work Orders

In 2016, we participated in the implementation of the WMS JDA 9.1 for a fabric of plastics in the USA. The challenge for this project was to implement the best and most efficient rules for the modules of production and work order as the timing in the production line is the relevant key of all the operation. After a dedicated and efficient work we started go-live with an excellent result with the production lines after have tested and focused in the bottleneck that were identified in the analysis phase. Customer was totally impressed how their production lines were transformed to really efficient stations also bringing all of the components from the warehouse locations in the best time and condition for having as a result reports of efficiency and production more as expected.

JDA WMS 8.2 - Pick To Light Integration

By 2017, we started the analysis phase for implementing WMS JDA 8.2 in a very important clothing marketer. The challenge for this project was the multiple systems we had to integrate and communicate with the PTL (Pick To Light). The PTL was the most sensitive part of the project as the integrity, the efficiency and the timing were the keys for having a successful go-live.

Basically, the more complex work were to create an efficient structure that provides the necessary data in the right moment for then being proceeded by the PTL, respecting and assuring the integrity of the orders and the suitable wrap.

At the end, after a very complex test phase, we went live and all the operation were able to quickly dominate all the WMS process and the PTL as well for having a very satisfactory feedback from the client which allowed us to implement for other marks more in the months ahead.

JDA WMS 2013.2 - Vocollet Integration

In 2015, a new challenged was started for the team with the implementation of the WMS JDA 2013 with the Vocollect voice system for a pharmaceutical client. For this project were two big objectives; first transform the warehouse culture adopting new and more efficient habits and process on which as the volume of products for each order the timing for complete an order were exceedingly high compressing the health of patients whom were needed for an specific medication.

For this, we focused the efforts in the picking process, providing the suitable picking methods for each situation for instance for massive orders were implemented the bulk picking and for specific orders were implemented the list picking with the help of the Voice picking system which was the second objective as this was the hardest cultural change inside the warehouse as the complexity for following commands from a talked system.

Getting this two objectives the client started to see how the numbers and reports were quickly getting better and also the feedback of the final customer receiving its orders on time.

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