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WMS Best Practices

Mis à jour : 8 juin 2020

Reduce displacement

In the pharmaceutic sector, we started implementing the JDA WMS with the configuration we accorded after the analysis phase that in general words was a list pick by order. But as the big amount of orders and priorities were extremely high vs the actual number of operators, we saw it wasn’t the best solution. We back to dashboard and started to analyze and plan another way to make it better. We finally found an idea, that was to put a pick list with an N number of orders that basically were broke by work zone in the warehouse, so we were minimizing operator’s displacement and after that there was a new hop location where another operator was in charge of “exploit” and distribute the products for each order.

After have implemented and improved this strategy we started to see that the orders were starting to move and complete in the expected times and operators stopped to “travel” from side to side into the warehouse for one order.

In conclusion, reduce the displacement inside the warehouse will help to save very valued time.

Reduce the inventory manipulation with less hops

In the retail technology sector, inside the warehouse we saw that the customer had lot of problems of lost and damaged items. With a depth analysis we found that this was coming for the multiple manipulation a product could have for moving and being traded. With the WMS configuration we made, we designed a set of movement paths accorded to the different processes the warehouse had (detail picking, pallet picking, production picking, etc.) setting only the necessary and essential hops (vehicle restriction, elevator, distribution, etc.) until the final location.

After go-live, customer saw immediately how the inventory was moved and prepared with a lower manipulation and how the inventory integrity was kept.

In conclusion reduce the inventory manipulation with the less possible hops, will reduce the inventory lost and damage.

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